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Club History

25th Anniversary Celebration

The Nova Synchro Swim Club was formed in 1988 in response to a large gap between what was recreational and competitive synchronized swimming. There was already a strong competitive club in Edmonton; however, the only recreational opportunities for swimmers were short classes offered infrequently in pools around the city. Coaches were hard to recruit for these recreational programs, as competitive clubs offered more stability, experience, and support at various levels.

The vision of a club where children of all ages and experience could continue to enjoy the sport of synchronized swimming in programs that offered challenge and fun came to life thanks to founding member and first Head Coach, Marnie McDougal, and the generous hearts and hands of many parent volunteers. To this day Nova Synchro Club distinguishes itself as an extended family for swimmers, coaches and parents. Our mission to provide swimmers of all abilities the opportunity to achieve their personal best as individuals, athletes and team members in a club environment that values respect, dedication and sportsmanship guides all our club activities.

Our logo was designed by one of the first swimmers in the club, Cheryl Hoyles. It represents a stylized synchronized swimming figure in the shape of a red N for Nova. The name Nova was chosen as it was once one of the required figures for teams. Nova also means a very bright star, and that is exactly how we see each of our swimmers. Our club colours are red, white and black.

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