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My child doesn't have a lot of swimming experience. Can they still join?
Answer: Definitely! We offer Pre-Comptetitive programs for those with limited exposure to swimming. They'll learn basic swimming and synchro skills and have fun doing it. Both our Little Synchro and Learn to Synchro programs assume no prior formal swim training and follow Synchro Canada's AquaSquirts or Star System. For more information check out our Programs page.

Question: I’m not sure if my child will enjoy synchro. Can they try it out first?
Answer: Of course! We offer periodic FREE lessons in our Pre-Competitive programs so your child can try it before signing up. If they love their experience then they can join the program with our online registration. Check out our FREE Trial page for more information.

Question: My child is a strong swimmer. Do they need to start at the pre-competitive level?
Answer: If your child already has strong swimming skills they can definitely start in our competitive program. At the beginning of each season we take the first few weeks in September to asses the skills of our athletes and then place them on the appropriate teams for their age group. For more information on the various age groups and their training times check out our Registered Swimmer Information page.

*Note: If your child is between the age of 11-15 by December 31, 2015 and has no prior competitive experience they can register in our Novice program which trains twice/week. This allows them to start at a more basic level and without the extra training of our 13-15 age group. They are only allowed to stay in this program for one year, but it's a great first step!

Question: Synchro seems like a big commitment. Why do they train so much?
Answer: Synchro is the ultimate in team sports! The complexity of above and underwater choreography in various patterns and with exact timing to each other and the music requires a lot of time and practice to perfect. Each team member plays a vital role on the team so it's important that the swimmer and parent commit to the entire training and competition schedule. This may seem overwhelming at first but the benefits and growth the athletes experience over the season make it well worth it! As part of a team your child will learn life skills like commitment, team work, determination and time management that can help with school and other areas of life. 

As a club, we also focus on aligning our training time with Synchro Canada's Long Term Athlete Development model.

Question: Where do I buy nose plugs?
Answer: Our club sells nose plugs at each practice for $5.00. Contact our Club Manager, Liz Scott, at if you would like to purchase nose plugs.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 24, 2018

Capital Region Figure Meet
UofA, West Pool
Capital Region Figure Meet

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Nov. 27, 2018

Bring-a-Friend - Learn to Synchro & Little Synchro TRC

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Dec. 11, 2018

Last practice for Learn to Synchro & Little Synchro
Terwillegar Rec Centre
Last practice for Learn to Synchro and Little Synchro

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